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American Talibangelists Destoying Lives Of Swingers In Texas

Dan Savage notes that the bizarre Christian group Repent Amarillo is staking out a Texas swingers club and calling the employers, employees, and families of its patrons in order to wreck their jobs and home lives. You might recall Repent America, their parent group, for their call for a boycott of Houston due to their newly elected lesbian mayor.
In June, when the building reopened, Repent Amarillo became an almost-constant presence, shouting through bullhorns, blasting Christian music, haranguing club members, following swingers in vehicles and sticking video cameras into people’s faces. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has been called out twice. Police records show that nearby businesses have called frequently with noise complaints. Repent even showed up on occasion when the Route 66 building was rented out for non-swinger events. “They have been here every time we open our doors, regardless of what kind of functions we have, whether I’m down here doing maintenance, cleaning, whatever,” Mac says. “They don’t have a life. Well, I guess we are their lives. We’re their blood. At three or four in the morning, we’ll open the door, and there they are. They come waddling out of their vehicles with their cameras.”
Some of the club's members have lost their jobs, others have been ostracized by friends and family. Read the full story. On their website Repent Amarillo has a war chart of sexually-related business they are targeting: gay bars, porn shops, strip clubs, etc. The site includes military imagery and gunshot sound effects when scrolling over certain items. They note that they intend to target upcoming gay pride events in Texas. Repent America: sharia law with a Christian face.

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