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Jeebus In The Pizza Sauce! Praise!

A pizzeria worker in Pennsylvania says that she's been blessed by appearance of Jeebus in a plastic tub of tomato sauce.
When Mary Louise Salerno saw Jesus Christ in a bucket of pizza sauce, her instinct was not to alert the media or even to tell many friends. She did not want people descending on her family's West Scranton pizzeria, and she did not want to invite critics or doubters of what she felt was a clear sign. "To us, it was something special," Ms. Salerno, 65, of Old Forge said. "God smiled on us that day." The image of Jesus has a history of unexpected appearances, from rocks and windows to medical X-rays and a tortilla. Add to that a sauce bucket at Brownie's Famous Pizzeria, a long-standing eatery on Luzerne Street.
Crazy Lady says that since the image appeared on the first day of Lent, she "will never cheat and eat meat on Fridays again." Ever notice that they never see Jeebus in a gross place like a dumpster or a toilet?

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