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Mormon Church And Boy Scouts Sued In Massive Molestation Cover Up

The LDS Church and national Boy Scouts organization have been sued by a man claiming that both covered up evidence of his molestation. The case has uncovered extensive files kept by both groups cloaking sexual predators.
The Boy Scouts of America has long kept an extensive archive of secret documents that chronicle the sexual abuse of young boys by Scout leaders over the years. The "perversion files," a nickname the Boy Scouts are said to have used for the documents, have rarely been seen by the public, but that could all change in the coming weeks in an Oregon courtroom. The lawyer for a man who was molested in the 1980s by a Scout leader has obtained about 1,000 Boy Scouts sex files and is expected to release some of them at a trial that began Wednesday. The lawyer says the files show how the Boy Scouts have covered up abuse for decades.
Membership in the Boy Scouts is strongly encouraged by the LDS Church and they are accused of having collaborated in the cover-up.
The Mormon bishop who also served as head of the Scout troop, Gordon McEwen, confronted [accused pedophile Timur] Dykes after receiving a report of abuse by the mother of one boy in the troop in January 1983. In a video deposition played for the jury, the bishop said Dykes admitted abusing 17 boys. But McEwen said he contacted the parents of all 17 boys and the boys themselves, and none would confirm any abuse. Dykes was arrested in 1983 and pleaded guilty to attempted sexual abuse, received probation and was ordered to stay away from children. Clark told the jury Dykes continued with his scouting activities until he was arrested in July 1984 during a routine traffic stop while he was driving a van full of Scouts on a camping trip. A spokesman for the Boy Scouts of America at its headquarters in Irving, Texas, said in a statement the organization cannot comment on details of the case. But it has worked hard on awareness and prevention efforts, including background checks.
The Catholic Church is doubtlessly happy for this momentary diversion from their own boy-fucking scandals.

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