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Pastor Jim Garlow: God Decided To Pass Prop 8 Because Christians Fasted

Right Wing Watch:
[Garlow] explains how he knew that fasting and prayer were going to be the key to passing Prop 8 in California, so that is why he personally convinced Lou Engle and The Call to move to the state for six months to focus on it. He explains that for the 40 days leading up to the election, Engle's acolytes fasted and prayed for passage of Prop 8, culminating in The Call rally in San Diego on November 1 where, between 4:20-4:50 they felt that "something had snapped in the Heavenlies" and "we knew God had moved."
God passed Prop 8, but he also passed Washington state's Referendum 71 and marriage in the nation's capital. He's so wishy-washy!

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