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Sarah Palin May Get Reality Show

The major broadcast networks all passed on Sarah Palin's pitch for an Alaska-based reality show, but it looks like the show may happen on cable. Pundits are characterizing the show as an infomercial for Palin's 2012 presidential run.
Much was made of Palin's visits to the major broadcast networks a few weeks ago, when she and producer Mark Burnett pitched an Alaskan-themed travelogue that Palin would narrate. At the time, industry skeptics balked at the notion that such a show would ever be bought by a broadcaster-- and it looks like the skeptics were right. According to Variety, Discovery and A&E are emerging as the two networks most likely to fork over cash to help Palin launch her 2012 presidential campaign. (The de facto assumption is that the Big 4 clearly were not significantly interested enough in the project or they would be actively bidding.) The publication's On the Air blog claims the show would cost an eye-popping $1 million per episode for either network -- a major commitment for an unscripted series. A sale could be made by week's end, Variety reports.
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