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Save California Nutters: Roy Ashburn Should Resign Because He's Gay (Even Though There's No Such Thing)

And predictably, the wingnuts begin to eat their own. Randy Thomasson, execudouche director of Save California:
Now he’s completely “out.” Monday morning on the radio, Republican State Senator Roy Ashburn of Bakersfield said “I’m gay.” But Roy Ashburn is mistaken. No one is “gay” because the so-called “gay gene” does not exist. What’s more, there are thousands of Americans who formerly engaged in homosexual behavior who have gotten help and have left their unnatural lifestyle behind. Should Ashburn resign? Yes, he should. His lying, cheating ways have boiled over and the public’s trust has been shattered.
Ashburn should resign because he's something which doesn't exist. OK, then. Thomasson goes on to cite Ashburn's DUI arrest and claims that he was cheating on his wife. Who he divorced several years ago. OK, then. Thomasson: "Even if you’re told he has voted pro-family in the past, he is untrustworthy now."

Wow, such a dilemma when you have two such juicy asshats to choose between!

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