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Anti-Gay Group Got $3M From Feds

The virulently anti-gay Iowa Family Policy Center has received over $3M in federal funding in the last five years.
In 2004 and 2005 the IFPC received a total of $850,000 from the Administration for Children and Families’ Compassion Capital Fund. From 2006 to 2009 they received $2.2 million through the U.S. Healthy Marriage Demonstration Fund, which is doled out in yearly increments of $550,000 and will be awarded to IFPC through 2011. The Iowa Family Policy Center’s 2007 tax return claims $558,337 of their $1.1 million revenue came from federal grants. Tom Campbell, a representative at the Administration of Children and Families (ACF), the awarding agency within the HHS, said this money must be passed from the IFPC to a third-party to execute the Healthy Marriage Demonstration — the name under which the grants were awarded to IFPC — as part of the government’s Healthy Marriage Program.
The funding was uncovered by local Des Moines blogger Erich Riesenberg. Aside from funding the fight against marriage equality, the Iowa Family Policy Center has said that all homosexual acts should be outlawed by constitutional amendment. Spokesman Bryan English: "This isn’t a civil rights issue. [Homosexuality] is a choice in behavior and as a Christian organization we don’t believe this is a right, it is a sin against Jesus Christ."

We have GOT to put a stop to this. I will follow this story closely and let you know what action needs to taken to ensure that no further federal money funds this hate group.

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