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Boy Scouts Anniversary Resolution Roils California Legislature

A resolution honoring the Boy Scouts for their 100th anniversary has California legislators at each others' throats. Because of the gays.
Democrats ultimately killed the resolution after criticizing the Boy Scouts for excluding homosexuals. Predictably, Republicans became indignant and accused Democrats of defaming a cherished American institution. It didn't end there. Democrats had introduced a resolution of their own honoring the Girl Scouts and included language that noted the organization does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. That drew yet more indignation from Republicans, with one GOP lawmaker accusing Democrats of improperly introducing sexuality into what should have been innocent proclamations of support for the two iconic youth groups. "I would love to honor the Girl Scouts," said Assemblywoman Diane Harkey, R-Laguna Niguel. "I just don't understand why this chamber wants to sexualize children."
The Girl Scouts resolution eventually passed, but with most Republicans abstaining rather that be on the record as approving a resolution that congratulated them for being welcoming of gays. The Boy Scouts resolution was never passed, but the Scouts passed along word that they appreciated the effort.

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