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More On Today's GetEQUAL Action

Lt. Dan Choi gave a brief statement (video below) shortly before he and five other GetEQUAL activists were arrested for chaining themselves to the White House fence today. John Aravosis reports that the media was NOT very happy with how they were handled by police and White House security.
After the vets had been at the fence for around half hour or so, suddenly the police started to freak out. Out of nowhere, they closed Lafayette Park - something none of us, including the mainstream media assembled there - had ever seen. The police literally ordered the press to leave, and pushed all us back halfway to the end of the park, telling us the park was closed. They were telling the police that they were being intentionally stopped from covering the story. And they were. It was interesting that the White House so freaked out this time around, when there were only six people on the fence, and the crowd was mostly tourists. Last time, there were 200 raucous demonstrators watching and the police weren't worried at all. It seems GetEqual got the White House's attention.

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