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Slaggie Gilamonster Steps Down At NOM

The National Organization for Marriage announced today that Maggie Gallagher will be stepping down as president. Brian Brown, their executive director, will assume the title.
Brian has not only "overseen" -- he has instigated and created (under God) NOM's incredible growth in less than three years: from one donor to 35,000, from no activists to over 500,000, from zero public profile to the recent public acknowledgment by the Washington Post that NOM has emerged as the "pre-eminent national organization fighting the legalization of same-sex marriage." In less than three years, NOM has compiled an incredible record of victories (forging coalitions and working with many others who also deserve the credit, we never forget): putting Prop 8 on the ballot in California, overturning gay marriage in Maine, blocking gay marriage bills in New York and New Jersey, fighting in court to protect marriage activists from legal harassment, helping turn "scozzfava" into a verb. (To "scozzfava" a politician is to inform GOP primary voters that he or she is pro-gay marriage).
Gilamonster assures us that we "shouldn't worry," she'll still be infesting the rancid hallways of NOM's offices as a member of their executive committee while she takes time to write her coming memoir, Debating Same-sex Marriage (Or How I Had A Bastard Child, Married An Invisible Hindu, And Saved America By The Blood Of Jeebus.)

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