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Top 40 Radio Teen Advice Host Says He'll End Partnership With Exodus

Only a few days after learning that nationally syndicated radio advice host Dawson McCallister was directing sexually questioning teens to the "ex-gay" group Exodus International, the NGLTF reports that Clear Channel has pressured him to end the practice. Clear Channel's statement:
Although Clear Channel, its Premiere Radio Networks and its radio stations are not involved in the operation of the Hopeline or the Association, we were concerned about how listener calls to the Hopeline that discussed sexuality were addressed and referrals callers were given to third parties. Clear Channel has a history of making significant commitments to diversity within our own company, and has been honored by the Human Rights Campaign for its policies regarding GLBT employees and business partners. After looking into this matter, we expressed to the producers of Dawson McAllister Live that Clear Channel listeners who call the Hopeline be treated in a manner consistent with our corporate commitments to diversity. As a result of those discussions, the Dawson McAllister Association has reviewed its training for Hopeline volunteers and will remove the Exodus organization from its referral system and remove links to Exodus from its website.
Excellent response and fast action by both the Task Force and Clear Channel. Now let's see if McCallister and his people really stop.

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