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American Family Association: No Gay Person Is Qualified For The Supreme Court

The American Family Association, judging for yesterday's furious flurry of press releases, is launching an all-out campaign against Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. They want to her admit her "guilt" of being a lesbian, because no gay person could ever be qualified for the job.
A refusal to answer is a tacit admission of guilt. But she may not be able publicly to deny she's a lesbian, likely because it's true. She may not be able to admit it either, because it could cost her a Supreme Court post. So she's likely to refuse to answer the question at all, and the only plausible explanation for her evasion would be because rumors of her lesbianism aren't rumors at all but based in fact. Think about it for a minute. If you were falsely accused of engaging in sexually aberrant behavior, would you waste a single minute challenging such a scurrilous rumor? It's time we got over the myth that what a public servant does in his private life is of no consequence. We cannot afford to have another sexually abnormal individual in a position of important civic responsibility, especially when that individual could become one of nine votes in an out of control oligarchy that constantly usurps constitutional prerogatives to unethically and illegally legislate for 300 million Americans. The stakes are too high. Social conservatives must rise up as one and say no lesbian is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. Will they?
Many on the left are calling for Kagan to come out as well. When was the last time THIS happened?

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