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Family Research Council On Arrest Of Anti-Gay British Preacher

As expected, the wingnuts are leaping on the case of the British preacher arrested last week for calling homosexuality a sin. Yesterday it was the American Family Association, today it's the Family Research Council. Via press release:
Homosexuality may be a crime in God's eyes, but saying so is a punishable crime in England. Last month, Dale McAlpine was on his usual perch in the Wokington town square. Despite years of preaching in that same spot, he was arrested for telling a passerby that homosexuality "went against the word of God." Although the comment was made in conversation--not during his sermon--a gay "police community support officer" said he violated the local Public Order Act and, when police arrived on the scene, forced him into a van and took him to headquarters. He was locked in a cell for seven hours and subjected to fingerprinting, a DNA swab, palm print, and retina scan. "I feel deeply shocked and humiliated that I had been arrested in my own town and treated like a common criminal," McAlpine told reporters. He was later released "on the condition that he not preach in public," but he still awaits a trial.

Think this sort of harassment won't happen in the United States? Think again. This is exactly the type of persecution that Christians will face if the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) passes. Together with the expansion of "hate crimes," Big Brother will be out in full force to silence men and women of faith. In U.S. cities, similar laws have already had an effect. Learn how by checking out FRC's new website.

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