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George Rekers: I Am Getting Spiritual Counseling For My Weaknesses

Even though he's still saying the he will sue all the involved parties for saying he is a homosexual, Dr. George Rekers told Christianity Today via email today that he is getting counseling to overcome the "weaknesses" that made him hire Jo-Vanni Roman.
"I confessed to the Lord and to my family that I was unwise and wrong to hire this travel assistant after knowing him only one month before the trip and not knowing whether he was more than a person raised in a Christian home," Rekers said. "I also confessed to the Lord and to my family the sin of thereby putting myself into a vulnerable situation where I tragically became subject to false allegations."

Rekers said that he regrets "unanticipated harm" for his "unwise decision," and briefly mentioned part of the trip. "One thing for which I am grateful is that my travel assistant openly shared his spiritual doubts with me during the trip and he did let me share the gospel of Jesus Christ with him with many Scriptures in three extended conversations."

Rekers said he is being advised by a team of three Christian counselors. "And I have committed myself to ongoing meetings with an experienced pastor and counselor from my church, so I can more fully understand my weaknesses and prevent this kind of unwise decision-making in the future."
Rekers says that his wife will be retiring soon and will be available to lift his luggage in the future. Wait, didn't we all think Rekers is divorced?

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