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McCain Opposes DADT Deal, MSM Ignores Quisling Campaign Manager Mark Buse

John McCain has blasted the proposed compromise deal on DADT, which the media is widely reporting today. But going unmentioned remains the fact the McCain's Senate campaign is being run by openly gay Quisling, Mark Buse.
"This 'Don't ask, don't tell' issue, they're going to try to jam that through without even trying to figure out what the impact on battle effectiveness would be," McCain said on Arizona's KBLU radio. "We have to be careful to make any changes to it, because we're in two wars," McCain said. The Arizona Republican, who's fending off a conservative primary challenger in his reelection bid, also asserted that the push forward with this deal is driven by fears that Democrats might lose the votes to repeal the policy in this fall's elections. "One of the reasons they're trying to jam it through is that they think that after the November elections, they may not have the votes," he said.
Why isn't the media interested in what MARK BUSE has to say about DADT? Surely an openly gay man running the campaign of an openly anti-gay candidate provides an interesting angle, wouldn't you think?

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