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PENN: Sen. Arlen Specter Loses Democratic Primary To Rep. Joe Sestak

Wow. Five-term Sen. Arlen Specter lost the Pennsylvania Democratic primary tonight to Rep. Joe Sestak.
Specter switched to the Democratic side of the aisle last year after casting the critical vote in the Recovery Act. But, many believed he switched parties because he would have lost a Republican primary against Pat Toomey. Now it seems Specter was done anyway. After nearly five decades in politics this loss likely spells the end for the 80-year-old Specter. Around 10:15 Specter addressed his supporters as they chanted, "Arlen, Arlen." He was gracious in his concession speech and said he would back Sestak in November. Sestak, a two-time Congressman who spent 31 years in the Navy before running for U.S. House, now faces off against Toomey for the right to replace Specter in the Senate.
Specter was depending on a strong turnout to retain his seat, but rainy weather kept many voters home. At 11PM the count was 53-47.

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