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Saturday May 22nd: Harvey Milk Day Of Action In New York City

Equality Across America is organizing a national Harvey Milk Day Of Action on Milk's birthday, May 22nd. Via press release, here are the details for New York City.
The newly formed Harvey Milk Day Coalition of New York City announced today that Harvey Milk’s birthday will be celebrated with a Harvey Milk Day of Action, Saturday, May 22, 2010 beginning 12:00 noon at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center in Manhattan. Supporters will gather outside 208 W 13th St. and after a brief rally the group will proceed to march to City Hall, pausing to rally at several key locations along the way. The marchers will briefly pause at Union Square, St. Vincent’s Hospital, an Army recruiting station and the Marriage Bureau, ending at City Hall. Speakers will express the significance of the locations and their relationship to the struggle for LGBT equality. Issues highlighted will include "don't ask, don't tell", same-sex marriage, health care and AIDS, youth homelessness, trans violence, discrimination and hate crimes. Wearing red t-shirts and carrying signs and fliers, the march aims to rally in additional supporters, onlookers and tourists for a large and vibrant final action of the day, a demonstration at City Hall. Named in honor of the slain San Francisco Supervisor and queer activist, The Harvey Milk Day Coalition has a simple and non-negotiable mission: FULL FEDERAL EQUALITY.
Visit Equality Across America for information on rallies planned across the nation.

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