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What Does Florida AG Bill McCollum Have To Say About Dr. George Rekers NOW?

I've been on the phone with the Florida Attorney General's office and the Bill McCollum For Governor campaign trying to get a statement and/or reaction to the Dr. George Rekers prostitution scandal.

Campaign spokeswoman Kristy Campbell said that she is aware of the story, but that the campaign would not be issuing a response, as Florida's gay adoption battle is still in litigation. She then referred me to the press office of the Attorney General, where I spoke to communications staffer Rachel Sloan. Sloan was unaware of the story, but was quite cooperative and opened a press request file for me, to be sent to her superiors and (presumably) McCollum via their Blackberrys today.

I explained to Sloan that we expect McCollum to answer for his payment of $87,000 to an anti-gay so-called "expert witness" on gay parenting, a man who has now been exposed as a closeted homosexual himself and a patron of male prostitutes at that. Here are the three questions posted to Attorney General Bill McCollum, for which we await a response.

1. How was Dr. George Rekers selected as an expert witness? (What due diligence was performed to ascertain his credentials? Who recommended him to the Attorney General's office?)

2. Where did the funding come from to pay Rekers and his associate their $87,000 fee? (And is there a mechanism for the state to demand back their fee now that Rekers has been exposed?)

3. Will Attorney General McCollum now publicly denounce Dr. Rekers as a fraud, a liar, and a hypocrite?

I cautioned both of McCollom's flacks that this WILL be a very big issue in his gubernatorial campaign, since he's been "palling around with guys who patronize male prostitutes."

UPDATE: McCollum's office is stonewalling us and passing the buck to the Florida Department of Children and Families. Calling THEM now. And calling the campaign offices of all of McCollum's opponents, both Democrats and GOP.
UPDATE II: Everybody please go to McCollum's campaign Facebook page and DEMAND his response to the outrage of paying Dr. George Rekers $87,000 to help destroy Florida's gay families! Do it NOW.

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