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Concerned Catholics Are Concerned About Pro-Gay Knights Of Columbus

Calling it a "scandal" that "pro-homosexual politicians" are not expelled from the Knights of Columbus, the Concerned Catholics of America are calling on attendees of an upcoming convention to demand just that. Oh, and everyone in charge should resign.
For all their good works, the Knights' national leadership stubbornly harbors enemies of unborn babies and man-woman marriage. This past January 13, Supreme Advocate John Marrella, without any legal basis, directed that members and state and local councils must not contact politicians about matters of faith and morals, except as "private citizens." What's more, this past April 15, contrary to the Knights' Charter Constitution and Laws, Marrella ordered that "...a subordinate council may not impose fraternal discipline with respect to a public figure's official actions on matters pertaining to faith and morals." Past Supreme Knight Virgil Dechant once insisted that pro-abortion politicians will "never" be expelled, and Supreme Treasurer Emilio Moure sabotaged a California Knights' pro-life resolution. Join us in demanding that the Knights expel pro-abortion and pro-homosexual politicians, and that Anderson, Marrella, and Moure reform or resign now.
The group includes Emperor Palpatine's email address in their complaint form.

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