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Does Elena Kagan Favor "Religious Liberty" At The Expense Of LGBT Rights?

Duncan Osbourne of Gay City News has uncovered some troubling history from Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. From Osbourne's blog, Herd & Scene:
Despite knowing that religious freedom laws could invalidate state and local anti-discrimination statutes that protect bisexual, lesbian, transgender, and gay taxpayers, Elena Kagan, a nominee to the US Supreme Court, championed such laws in her later years in the Clinton administration. “I’m the biggest fan of [the Religious Freedom Restoration Act] (now [the Religious Liberty Protection Act]) in this building, but you should not take this advice right now,” Kagan wrote in a May 20, 1999 memo to Ron Klain, then the chief of staff to Al Gore, the vice president. “You’ll have a gay/lesbian firestorm on your hands. (Alternatively, if you come out for a version of RFRA that has a civil rights carve-out, you’ll have a religious groups firestorm on your hands.)” Kagan’s advice came in response to a memo by Bill Galston, a Gore advisor, that circulated among Gore’s staff and suggested the position he should take on the law.
Read Duncan Osbourne's complete story.

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