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Haters Blast President Obama Over Father's Day Proclamation

We didn't hear too much of any outcry when President Obama gave a nod to gay moms in his Mother's Day proclamation, possibly because that was the day that he announced Elena Kagan's Supreme Court nomination. Father's Day, obviously, was a much slower news day. From the Family Research Council, whose message came with the posted graphic:
Sadly, the real victims of his agenda are the children, who, social science shows, do best with a married mother and father. Kids need the influence of both genders, and no two people--however loving they may be--can fill the void that's created when you intentionally deprive them of a mom or dad. Unfortunately, there's a vacuum in our culture that's allowing the President to push this agenda. The breakdown of the family has created an opening for the Left to barge in and seize on those weaknesses. That's why it's so important for America--and churches, in particular--to renew their commitment to strengthening and upholding marriage.
And of course Porno Pete couldn't resist joining in.
If an adult man chooses to embrace homosexuality, that’s one thing. But two men imposing their homosexual lifestyle on an innocent, impressionable child — thus intentionally denying that child a mother — is something quite different. Shame on Obama for ‘gaying down’ the noble institution of fatherhood to appease his homosexual activist supporters. Who can deny the notorious promiscuity that is rampant in the gay male subculture – and which often continues even after two homosexual men adopt a child,” LaBarbera said. “Witness gay parenting’s poster-boy, Dan Savage, a sex-advice columnist and author of The Kid: What Happened When My Boyfriend And I Decided to Go Get Pregnant. Savage promotes ‘non-monogamy’ as an alternative to marital fidelity — and admits that he and his ‘husband’ twice engaged in sexual ‘three-ways’ even after they adopted a baby boy. (One wonders who babysat ‘the kid’ during their homosexual sex romp.)

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