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HomoQuotable - Christopher Neff

"Big things are changing for gay Americans. The President signed federal Hates Crimes legislation, directed new hospital visitation rights; spoke out during the State of the Union and the fought for an end to the ban on gays in the military. In addition, federal agencies are working hard behind the scenes and making huge differences for elder care and queer youth. These are historic firsts. [snip]

"For President Obama, the gay community is not simply a group to be won or table-captains to be counted on. He is fighting for equality because it is the right thing to do and I think he would act little different if he didn't have our support. Empirical evidence over the past months would seem to support this, as hecklers yelled at him at events; chained themselves to the White House and trashed him on the blogs. Through all this, the President stuck with us, while we will continued asking more of him. So I have a suggestion for our next direct-action. If anyone goes to a fundraiser to interrupt the President, I have a suggested shout. It goes like this, 'President Obama, Thank you. It's Pride season and we are very proud of you too!'" - Palm Center deputy executive director Christopher Neff, writing for Pam's House Blend.

Read Neff's complete essay.

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