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HomoQuotable - James Hartline

"Iceland didn't get the memo from God: After recently being struck with a catastrophic volcano that threatens to destroy their nation, Iceland has pressed forward with their governmental rebellion against God's commandments. Voting 49-0, Iceland has voted to legalize same-sex marriages under the reign of their satanic prime minister, open lesbian Social Democrat Johanna Sigurdardottir.

"In recent months the entire continent of Europe was traumatized and shut down by the massive volcanic eruption in Iceland. Three weeks ago, scientist began warning of an impending 2nd eruption from another volcano on the island nation. Yet, the government bureaucrats in Iceland press on in their rebellion against God. 'We don't care if we destroy ourselves! We will have our sins and we will have our destruction! Who cares if we have tomorrow!'" - "Ex-gay" activist James Hartline, writing his on inadvertently hilarious blog.

Hartline, who says he is a prophet to whom God regularly reveals upcoming events, plans to turn his play The Chronicles Of Sodom into a "big stage production."

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