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HomoQuotable - Linda Jernigan

"From almost twenty years of personal experience I know homosexuality is filled with pain, torment, shame, and confusion. In addition, suicide rates among lesbians are twice as high in comparison to heterosexual women. Also, 30% of all suicide attempts among people between the ages of 15-24 are homosexuals; and, domestic violence is the third leading cause of death among homosexuals (behind AIDS and substance abuse) How loving does this sound? Can you see how homosexuals are using simple words to advance their agenda? In addition to advancing their agenda, Satan’s desire is to place the church under arrest in our communications (print and media), speech (verbal and nonverbal), and language (words).

"In addition, saints, we must arise and become keenly aware of Satan’s devices. We have a mandate from God to UTTERLY DESTROY (Joshua 6:21, Exodus 22:20, 34:13, Deut 7:2) any kingdom that attempts to oppose and defy the standards, laws, and principles of our God! And, we are to destroy them without apologies! Please know, I do not promote violence towards homosexuals or any group of people but we can confidently annihilate demonic forces that oppose the expansion of the Kingdom of God. In addition, I fully understand that God (and I) loves homosexuals but wrapped within His love is a way of escape that is absolutely extended toward homosexuals. Hallelujah!" - "Ex-gay" Pastor Linda Jernigan, from her site Rescuing Homosexuals.

Jernigan will deliver her "What's Wrong With Gay Pride?" lecture at Peter LaBarbara's lavishly appointed basement dungeon headquarters on June 25th. If you'd like Pastor Linda to deliver you unto God'$ Holy Light, you can RSVP at 630-717-7631. Glory! Praise His Name!

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