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Iowa Pastors Demand Candidates Support Marriage Equality Repeal

Over 800 pastors in Iowa have signed a petition against same-sex marriage which they are sending to every candidate for state office as a threat to oppose them if they don't sign on.
The petition, signed by 834 Iowa ministers, and an accompanying letter signed by social conservative groups declares that same-sex marriage "is defined by the Bible as immoral and sinful," and called for lawmakers to define marriage as between a man and a woman only. The push against a 2009 Iowa Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage comes a week before the June 8 primary election, and organizers made clear they want candidates to know they would pay a price if they oppose referring a constitutional amendment to voters that would overturn the court's decision. The petition and letter, presented during a news conference on the steps of the Statehouse, is being sent to all candidates for the Legislature and statewide office, said Chuck Hurley, director of the Iowa Family Policy Center.
All three GOP candidates for governor have pledged to push for a voter referendum to repeal the state's marriage equality law.

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