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IRELAND: National Poster Campaign For Marriage Equality Launches

A national poster campaign has been launched in Ireland to promote marriage equality. The posters can be seen on buses in Dublin and have been sent to libraries and community centers nationwide. Ireland does not recognize same-sex unions, but a pending civil partnerships bill would provide some, but not all of the rights of marriage.
Orla Howard, Board Member, Marriage Equality commented, "Equal marriage rights for same-sex couples will lead to the recognition and protection of lesbian and gay families. The Government's Civil Partnership Bill on the other hand, continues to deny the existence of same-sex families and ignores their children entirely. This leaves these families legally vulnerable in matters such as inheritance, access, maintenance and so on. The simple solution is for the Irish Government to make this issue a priority for their Programme for Government." Ms Howard added, "The Government will be encouraged to make this a matter of priority if members of the public contact their locally elected representative and raise the issue with them. All families deserve equality and We Are Family carries this important message and call to action to the Irish public."
Ireland's Civil Partnership Bill is presently slated to be enacted in October.

(Tipped by JMG reader Gerald)

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