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Monday June 14th: Ali Forney Center Rally To Protect Homeless LGBT Youth

The Ali Forney Center will hold a rally in support of LGBT youth on June 14th at NYC's Union Square.
As LGBT youth find the courage to come out of the closet at younger ages, thousands are being rejected by their families and forced out of their homes. As many as 40% of the homeless youth in the United States are LGBT. Homeless LGBT youth are subjected to violence and harassment on the streets and in mainstream youth shelters. This phenomenon of thousands of LGBT youth being forced from their homes due to homophobia, stripped of economic support, and made to endure homelessness represents the most terrible cruelty and intolerance currently directed at the LGBT community. We call on the members of the LGBT Community, our straight allies, and on all decent people who believe that youths should not be thrown to the streets for being LGBT, to rally in support of LGBT homeless youth.
Here's the event's Facebook page. I'll be there. Come out and get your photo taken with Carl Siciliano and I'll publish a slideshow here on JMG.

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