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NEW YORK: Sen. Ruben Diaz Kills Attempt To Allow Same-Sex Tax Filings

Two weeks ago openly gay New York state Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell sponsored an addendum to the state budget that would allow legally married same-sex couples to jointly file their state income tax returns. Senate Democrats need their full one-vote majority to approve the budget, but arch homophobe Sen. Ruben Diaz threatened to derail the entire mega-billions funding package unless O'Donnell's amendment was removed. Today Senate Democrats caved to Diaz' demand and excised the amendment. Yet another win for Rev. Diaz.

RELATED: Please consider throwing a few dollars to Diaz' 2010 reelection opponent Charlie Ramos. Diaz has strong support in his Bronx district, but November is still a long way away and as we know, ANYTHING can happen in New York Senate politics.

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