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PhoboQuotable - Scott Lively

"Until now, we have relied upon the partnership of moderate Moslems in our campaign to marginalize the extremists who already call us The Great Satan for our moral ambiguities. Yet how quickly will we lose the popular support of these people and governments when they know that the soldiers we are sending for 'nation-building' on Moslem soil are overt, practicing homosexuals? We are handing the extremists an entirely new and powerful recruiting tool, and undermining the goodwill of every socially conservative nation on the planet, culminating in a net increase of danger for our troops and decrease of respect for our way of life." - Anti-gay evangelical Scott Lively, who says that he will hand-deliver copies of his book, The Pink Swastika, to every member of the Senate before the coming DADT repeal vote.

Lively has spearheaded the drive by American evangelicals to worsen the plight of LGBT people in Africa. He also claims that masculine gay men spawned the Holocaust, a charge recently repeated by the American Family Association.

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