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Empire State Pride Agenda Calls For Ouster Of Arch Homophobe NY Sen. Ruben Diaz

Today the Empire State Pride Agenda endorsed 2010 NY Senate candidate Charlie Ramos in his bid to unseat the state's most vile homophobe, Sen. Ruben Diaz. Via press release:
As you probably know, Senator Diaz is our most vocal foe on marriage equality and transgender non-discrimination in the State Senate. He led rallies against marriage equality, spoke and voted against it on the Senate floor and is reported to have struck back room deals trying to prevent it from ever even coming to a vote. He led the debate against the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act in the Senate Judiciary Committee with unfounded and disproven myths. And he asserted a “one-man veto” to remove budgetary language that would have allowed legally married same-sex couples to file jointly on their New York State income tax returns.

In stark contrast, Charlie Ramos has committed to co-sponsoring marriage equality legislation, and has stated his full support for a statewide transgender non-discrimination law. He is also pro-choice and supports full access to reproductive health. Senator Diaz and all state legislators need to know that their attacks against the LGBT community will not go unanswered. New Yorkers understand fairness and equality, and want legislators who work to better the lives of their constituents and their families, not to find opportunities to discriminate against them. We want to send a loud and clear message that it is unacceptable that Senator Diaz chooses to thwart equality and justice for all New Yorkers.
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