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SOHO: Bedbugs Shut Down Hollister Store

New York City's neverending battle with bedbugs has gone retail. Via Gothamist:
Hollister, the teen-oriented clothing store that's a subsidiary of Abercrombie & Fitch, was shut down yesterday due to what one employee described as "a massive bedbug outbreak" at the four-story SoHo flagship location. And according to our source, who spoke on condition of anonymity so that he/she wouldn't lose his/her job at the creepy "bedbug breeding ground," the senior management blew off complaints about bedbugs for almost a month.
Gothamist's source says the store now has "three shirtless employees standing outside to tell customers that the store is closed until further notice." Bedbugs only breed at night, leading the quoted employee to speculate that the problem is so bad because the store is "almost completely dark." The Abercrombie on Fifth Avenue is also lit like a nightclub. Hmm.

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