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Cenk Uygur & Mike Rogers: Ken Mehlman's Apology Is NOT ACCEPTED

Mike Rogers on Ken Mehlman:
"All I ask are three simple things. First he should spend time with the parents of a child who killed himself after 2004, after that horrible election. I think that he needs to take the fabulous $3M condo he bought in Manhattan and donate that back to the cause that he worked so hard against. And most important, he needs to put up a heartfelt apology, up on YouTube or somwhere on the web, where he actually looks at the American people and says 'I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I did and I'm going to work in the future to make it better.' But he has NO desire to apologize. He has no regrets, he says."
WATCH THIS. (And hang around for newly out radio host Stephanie Miller!)

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