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GOP Rep. Tom Price (GA) To Introduce Bill To Prohibit Lame-Duck House Session

Today Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) plans to introduce a resolution demanding that the House of Representatives suspend all business in between election day and the day in January 2011 when Congress is rightfully returned to the God-fearing hands of the Republican Party. Because the Marxist/Socialist/Communist Democrats plan to go crazy during the lame-duck session.
Leftists do not think ObamaCare’s unconstitutional mandate to buy insurance went far enough. They do not think the failed $862 billion stimulus created a large enough deficit. They do not think Democrats have done enough to “change” America into an economically and militarily weak cradle-to-grave welfare state. They want more – and Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi are planning to give it to them in a lame duck session of Congress. Of course, most Americans have had enough. And more Democrats are beginning to realize that their agenda is incredibly unpopular. They know the American people’s dissatisfaction could cost them control of one or both chambers of Congress next year. And they know if that were to happen, a lame duck session would be their last chance to defy the will of the public and enact the remaining items on the liberal wish list.
HuffPo blogger Sam Stein calls Price's plan "mere Kabuki theater" because Pelosi will, of course, rule his resolution to be out of order. But hey, it'll play well in Teabagistan.

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