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HomoQuotable - Pastor Tom Brock

"John Townsend, a writer for Lavender magazine, wrote a commentary attacking me and the Catholic support group Courage, which I was attending. This is a group for Christian men who struggle to overcome same-sex attraction. Townsend had lied his way into this confidential group in order to attend and expose my presence there. This was done because of my public stance against homosexual behavior and same-sex marriage.

"It is true that I attended this group. But contrary to what Townsend and the Lavender article strongly implied, I have never engaged in homosexual behavior. An internal investigation by my congregation concluded: 'We find no evidence from any sources we examined or people we interviewed to indicate that Pastor Brock had engaged in any physical contact or in a homosexual relationship of any type.' The truth is that I have been celibate my whole life. [JMG: My emphasis]

"Townsend also states that we believe 'unrepentant homosexual activity damns to hellfire.' I do believe this, as it is the teaching of the Bible and the historic teaching of the Church that persisting in any lifestyle of sin (not only homosexuality) without repentance and faith in Christ will exclude people from the kingdom of God (I Corinthians 6:9-11)." - Sad, tortured, 57 year-old virgin (he claims) Pastor Tom Brock, who is actively working to ensure that his fellow homosexuals are as abjectly miserable as he is.

RELATED: Last year Brock claimed that God sent a tornado to destroy a Minnesota Lutheran Church because they had voted to allow gays to serve as ministers. He maintains that he still believes that today.

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