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NEBRASKA: Man Tries To Pepper-Spray Westboro Nuts, Hits Cop And Good Guys

A 61 year-old man tried to pepper-spray the members of the Westboro Baptist Church yesterday, but instead doused a nearby cop and counter-protesters. The Phelps clan was picketing the funeral of a soldier killed in Afghanistan.
George Vogel was arrested Saturday morning a few blocks away from the First United Methodist Church, the location of Staff Sergeant Michael Bock's funeral. Officers on duty for the funeral say Vogel drove up in his Ford F-150 pick-up truck and as he was passing by Westboro Baptist Church protestors he extended his arm out the truck's window and sprayed a large amount of mace into the air from an industrial-sized container. More than a dozen people were hit by the mace, including one police officer. Vogel was arrested and charged with sixteen counts of misdemeanor assault, one county of felony assault of a police officer, and one count of child neglect. The 62-year-old Vogel is currently in the Douglas County jail.
The Westboro nutters LIVE for these sorts of incidents, of course, and will surely attempt to sue all involved parties even though they were not injured.

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