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Pac-Man Eats Votes

Clip description:
This is the Sequoia AVC Edge touch-screen DRE voting machine. In 2008, it was used in jurisdictions with almost 9 million voters. Alex Halderman and Ari Feldman replaced the voting software with Pac-Man. They did this in three afternoons, without breaking any tamper-evident seals. It would be easy to modify the software to steal votes, but that's been done before, and Pac-Man is more fun.
Yet another reason to distrust electronic voting machines.

RELATED: With next month's primary NYC becomes one of the last places in the country to replace its giant clunky pull-lever voting machines as we move to optical-scan ballots, which do leave a paper trail (although many are suspicious of these machines too.) I will miss that satisfying kerCHUNK sound.

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