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SAD TROMBONE: FRC's Tony Perkins Is Demoralized Over Prop 8

"Despite our confidence that FRC and its allies can appeal this decision--as it has in every blow to marriage over the past 17 years--there's no denying how demoralizing this ruling feels. Maybe you drove for hours to rallies over Prop 8. Maybe you went door-to-door asking people to sign petitions in Maine. Or maybe you gave money that you couldn't really spare to help us fight. If you're discouraged, I tell you what I've told my staff--don't give up. Lean on what our good friend Rev. Ren Broekhuizen reminded us this morning at our staff chapel service: We don't serve victory. We don't serve results. We serve God. And if, years from now, that means we're the last people left on earth standing for Truth--so be it." - Family Research Council douchebag Tony Perkins, riding the waahbulance.

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