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Sam Storicks

As many of you know by now, JMG reader Sam Storicks died unexpectedly ten days ago at the age of 30. Sam was a popular member of the West Coast's bear community and was a well-known DJ in San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. Two memorial services are planned. The first will be Wednesday, August 11th at 6pm at the San Francisco Eagle. The second will be Saturday, August 14th at 6pm at Branx in Portland. JMG reader Homer reminds us that Sam was also one of the earliest gay bloggers, with an archive that reaches back to 2002. His site Hello, My Name Is Sam remains online. I also recommend this touching remembrance from Sam's former boyfriend, Jeff. I can't recall when I last saw Sam, perhaps last year on SF's 18th Street outside Bearbucks. He was a real charmer.

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