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Homocon Tweet Of The Day - Gay Patriot

As we've learned with all things Gay Patriot-related, this tweet too is a lie.

Melrose Patch: It was quite surprising to hear that you were endorsing a Democrat for State Senate. Have you changed political parties?

Guerriero: Yes, to Independent. Primarily I have always looked at myself as being a public servant and I have found that bipartisanship is more important than party affiliation. I feel it's always been a better way to get the job doneā€”to look at the real issues and not concentrate on any one party's agenda. I think a lot of people are frustrated with the political system and I am interested in making good policy rather than protecting party identity.

RELATED: Patrick Guerriero was the campaign director for No On 8 after leaving the Log Cabin Republicans, who have churned through three or four executive directors in about as many years.

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