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HomoConQuotable - Charles Winecoff

"Like slavery in America, there is no moving on from gay Republicanism. Robert 'KKK' Byrd can be forgiven. Jim 'I-am-a-gay-American-cheating-on-my-wife' McGreevey can be forgiven. Dean, Clinton, and Obama can be forgiven for their hollow promises to the LGBT community. Hell, even Fidel Castro can be forgiven for his homosexual re-education camps. And, of course, it wouldn’t be 'nice' to criticize Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan for a single one of his many offensive remarks, such as: 'It’s the wicked Jews, the false Jews that are promoting lesbianism, homosexuality.' As Robot B9 would say, that does not compute.

"No, for Ken Mehlman, eternal damnation is too lenient. Because of his 'bad' political choice, he’s not allowed the freedom of personal evolution that 'good' gays enjoy. He’s not allowed to change. And spitting wouldn’t satisfy the intolerant community’s need to obliterate his existence. In cases like his, the only thing that could possibly appease the oppression-obsessed gay Left would be… well, frankly, some torches, pitchforks, and a public execution. Maybe they can all convert to Islam while they’re at it. Surely, paradise can’t be too far away." - Homocon Charles Winecoff, writing for wingnut Andrew Breitbart's Big Government.

NOTE: Sen. Robert Bryd's history with the KKK was indeed largely "forgiven," but that forgiveness came after decades and decades of public service and, by Bryd's own words, "thousands of personal apologies" delivered face-to-face to the people he had wronged. Ken Mehlman has only just revealed the rainbow lining in HIS white hood and has yet to issue a single apology. Maybe after a few decades of contrite service like that delivered to the nation by Sen. Byrd and some well-publicized and believable apologies, we'll forgive Ken Mehlman too.

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