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Quote Of The Day - Chris Robinson

"As a band we've been trying to string together these moments, the kind of moments I've had as a music fan that have blown my mind. That's not happening when you're texting or checking your fucking fantasy league stats. I personally think you should be too high to operate a machine at our concerts." - Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, whose band has joined a growing movement to ban the use of cell phones and digital cameras at their concerts.

Also onboard are Wilco, White Stripes, and Natalie Merchant, the last of whom recently dissed the army of raised cameras facing her, saying, "I'm right here. This is live. This is where the show is." About one-third of the audience at the Scissor Sisters concert I attended last month seemed to be recording the show for YouTube, making me wonder about the diminished enjoyment resulting from such a conscious removal of oneself from "the moment."

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