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WISCONSIN: Sen. Russ Feingold Vs. Teabagger Ron Johnson A Toss-Up

Three term incumbent Sen. Russ Feingold is tied in the polling averages against anti-gay teabagger Ron Johnson, who believes that "freedom of religion does NOT mean freedom FROM religion." The latest Rasmussen poll, released yesterday, puts Johnson in a seven point lead, although many claim Rasmussen has a distinct GOP bias.
While both candidates are holding their respective party's voters -- 94 percent of Republicans support Johnson, and 86 percent of Democrats back Feingold -- Johnson wins non-affiliated voters by nearly two-to-one. Additionally, though 51 percent of Wisconsin voters still have a favorable view of Feingold, he is hampered by opposition to President Obama and the health care reform bill in the state. Fifty-five percent of Wisconsin voters support repealing the health care bill, and though 49 percent of voters approve of the job the president is doing, a significant number (40 percent) say they strongly disapprove. Only 29 percent say they strongly approve of the president's job performance.

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