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Journey Into Manhood 2010: Now With MORE Hot "Ex-Gay" Man-Rubbing!

Journey Into Manhood, the backwoods "lets hug that sweaty homo-sex outta you, dude" conference has announced its 2010 schedule. Via Christian Newswire:
Surveys of past Journey Into Manhood participants indicate that four out of five men surveyed have experienced a decrease in homosexual attractions. More than half report an increase in heterosexual attractions, while nine out of 10 report a decrease in distress or shame. Ninety-five percent say they would recommend the program to others. Although Journey Into Manhood is not a religious weekend, it has been endorsed by the founders of both the leading Catholic and Jewish ministries serving people who are working to resolve unwanted homosexuality. It has also been endorsed by one of the world's leading psychologists supporting sexual reorientation: Dr. Joseph Nicolosi (NARTH).

Journey Into Manhood, is coming to England October 29 to 31, then to the U.S. states of Texas (Nov. 12 to 14) and Florida (Dec. 3 to 5). Journey Into Manhood is a 48-hour immersion in self-discovery, catharsis and emotional healing for men who feel that their homosexual attractions stem largely from unhealed emotional wounds and unmet needs, including, oftentimes, a history of alienation from male peers. Each weekend is peer-led by about 20 volunteers, including men who have resolved homosexuality themselves. The cost is US$650, including meals and accommodations at the camp or retreat center.
You may recall straight reporter Ted Cox went undercover at a recent Journey Into Manhood. An excerpt from his creepy experience:
At one point, the staff members all sang out in unison, their voices filling the high walls of the camp lodge. Somewhere in the room, a man sobbed over the sound of the music. It was the first night of “Journey into Manhood,” a 48-hour weekend retreat designed to help gay men become straight. In that room, about fifty men — some thirty “Journeyers” and fifteen staff members — sat on the carpeted floor of a ranch lodge two hours outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Most of the men, except for a few of the staff members, struggled to overcome their attraction to other men. Sometime during all that holding and touching and singing, while I was cradled in the Motorcycle position, I felt it: the unmistakable bulge pressing through his tight jeans. It was the first time in my life I had a felt another man’s erection.
Check out the Journey Into Manhood website. If you can bear it, here's their promotional video.

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