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MINNESOTA: Catholic Archbishop Denies Communion To Gay Students

About 25 students wearing rainbow buttons in protest of the Catholic Church's recent anti-gay DVD campaign were denied communion on Sunday by Archbishop John Nienstedt.
The St. John's action was coordinated by students, including members of People Representing the Sexual Minority (PRiSM), which represents gay and lesbian students and their friends and allies. That Sunday, according to those at the mass, about two dozen worshipers positioned themselves to receive communion from Nienstedt, who was saying his first student mass at the abbey. Some reached for the communion wafer but were denied it. Rather, the archbishop raised his hand in blessing. The archdiocese long has denied communion to members of the Rainbow Sash Movement, who wear the colors to mass in protest of the church's stance in opposition to homosexual relationships. Its leader, Brian McNeil, said the action at St. John's was not connected to his group.
A just-formed Catholic lay group called Return The DVD has collected about 1000 discs sent to them by angry congregants. They have also raised $5000 to feed Minnesota's hungry, an action they say is more appropriate to the Catholic mission. The Minnesota archdiocese has mailed out 400,000 anti-gay DVDs.

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