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ABC's Nightline Covers The "Ex-Gay" Retreat "Journey Into Manhood"

On Monday night, ABC's Nightline devoted most of their episode to the Journey Into Manhood, that "ex-gay" conference where self-hating homos "hug the gay away" by getting all up close and sweaty with other men out in the woods. Truth Wins Out's Wayne Besen lambastes Nightline:
Sadly, Nightline’s producers elected to trade accuracy for access. They bragged that they were the first network that got to take cameras into JIM. Well, not exactly. ABC was denied access to the actual JIM weekends — which are furtive, painful and bizarre — and instead allowed the network to film a JIM Reunion featuring canned spokespeople touting the Party Line. In essence, the PR people at JIM slyly created a Potemkin Village and ABC was suckered into videotaping the propaganda. Why would a network elect to create what essentially was an infomercial for JIM, while skimming over the harm perpetrated on the majority? Shouldn’t this story be told in the form of an expose from the perspective of the victims? [snip] Nevertheless, propaganda can only go so far. ABC does get credit for asking the right questions in terms of whether the so-called “ex-gays” are still attracted to the same sex. After hesitating, JIM’s spokesmodel, “Preston”, admits that he still thinks guys are hot. And, in a startling admission, his wife admits that they cruise men together. I’m sure church might even be fun with that couple!

(Via Chino Blanco @ Pam's House Blend)

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