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The Douchebags Of NARTH

Today I participated in the Truth Wins Out protest at NARTH's annual convention in Philadelphia, where TWO's Wayne Besen led a chanting crowd of activists on the sidewalk outside their host hotel. Many of NARTH's attendees took turns peering at us from the windows, but hid from us (in shame) otherwise. However Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber, a speaker at the event, spent quite some time glowering at us from the front sidewalk.

When I first arrived, I got some shots of NARTH attendees inside the hotel, causing one to rush over yelling that I'd be arrested for "stalking" if I didn't leave. Which I did, but I still got to "stalk" some of these baby-killers out to their cars, as you'll see below. The tall bald guy is Christopher Doyle, an "ex-gay" who is on the board of PFOX and who is on staff with "ex-gay" whackadoodle Richard Cohen as a "Sexual Reorientation Coach" at the International Healing Foundation. If that wasn't enough for this professionally "former" cocksucker, he writes newspaper editorials arguing against the Day Of Silence. Anyway, I don't think pillow-whacker Richard Cohen has totally gotten Doyle in touch with his "natural masculine nature," because when I kept taking photos, Doyle put his hand on his hip and hissed, "I don't need this. Why don't you just sssssssstop!"

The slideshow in this post is of NARTH's asshats only as I don't want anyone confusing these self-haters with our heroes at the protest. And that's easy to do because everybody in all of today's photos are completely, totally, forever and ever, always will be, 100% homo G.A.Y.

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