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Keith Olbermann Slams Pat Sajak

Wingnut Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak has "apologized" for introducing Keith Olbermann to America. Olbermann fires back.
Pat Sajak did not introduce me to America. I started on CNN the same year he started on “Wheel” (1981) and by the time I guested on his show in 1989, I’d already spent three years as a national sports correspondent for CNN, had a feature done on me by The Today Show (1986), been on the CBS Evening News (1988), and begun guest-hosting on ESPN (1989). I think if he needs to apologize for anything it needs to be that talk show. When he was canceled, he was replaced by a crime-and-skin series called “Silk Stalkings,” for God’s sake.
Sajak regularly posts global warming denials and other claims of "lamestream media conspiracies" at various right-wing websites.

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