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KENYA: Prime Minister Raila Odinga Calls For Jailing All Homosexuals

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has issued a call for his nation's homosexuals to be rounded up and jailed.
"Any man found engaging in sexual activities with another man should be arrested," Odinga said at a rally on Sunday, in the Nairobi slum of Kibera. "Even women found engaging in sexual activities will be arrested." Speaking to his home constituency, Odinga, also a member of parliament, argued that since August census results showed the national population was perfectly split between men and women, there was "no need" for homosexuality. "This kind of behaviour will not be tolerated in this country. Men or women found engaging in those acts deserve to be arrested and will be arrested," Odinga said to cheers and laughter in the crowd.
Odinga took power in 2008 after a widely-disputed election that resulted in riots and the deaths of more than 1500 people. While rarely prosecuted (at the moment) sex between men is illegal in Kenya, with penalties ranging from 5-14 years in prison.

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