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MISSISSIPPI: High School Football Player Kicked Off Team For Pink Cleats

Mississippi high school football player Coy Sheppard was kicked off his team last month when he showed up for practice wearing pink cleats. Just like NFL players were doing to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Apparently Sheppard's coach thought the pink cleats signified something else.
According to the Associated Press, and USA Today, among other outlets, Coach Chris Peterson kicked 17-year-old placekicker Coy Sheppard off the Mendenhall football team when Sheppard attempted to wear pink cleats in a practice following a game in October. During the prior game, coaches ridiculed the kicker for wearing the shoes, but he showed up for the team's Monday practice wearing the pink cleats regardless. Now the senior, who relied on academic credit from playing football to help fulfill graduation requirements, might not receive his diploma on time.
The pink cleats were a gift from Sheppard's grandmother, who is a breast cancer survivor. The kid is suing the school and says any judgment will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

UPDATE: JMG reader Mike tips us that the school has just relented and reinstated the student.

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