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This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days...

: Pastor Carl Lloyd arrested for sodomizing a child.
New York: Rabbi Yehuda Kolko arrested for violating order of protection against 12 year-old boy he's accused of molesting.
Japan: Buddhist priest Nobuaki Matsumoto busted for hiring middle-school age prostitute.
Florida: Pastor Daniel Richard Robida charged with unlawful sexual acts with a child.
Ireland: Father Raymond Brady charged with molesting ten boys.
Missouri: Pastor Travis Ray Smith on trial for felony statutory rape and child molestation.
Britain: Imam Hafiz Rahman found guilty of child molestation.
Wisconsin: Father Robert Chukwu agrees to repay half of $180K he's accused of embezzling from his parish.
Virginia: Pastor Irwin Baldwin sentenced to 90 years in prison for soliciting sex from who he thought was a 13 year-old girl. Baldwin is 82.
Britain: Father David Pearce charged with sexual assault on a child. Pearce is already in prison for similar charges.
New Hampshire: Pastor Timothy Dillmuth found guilty of failing to report child molestation.
Alaska: Pastor Shawn Justice found guilty on eight felony counts of sexual abuse of a child.
Florida: Pastor Rodney McGill found guilty of swindling $40K in a church mortgage scam. McGill was found guilty of a similar crime last year.
Manitoba: Orthodox Archbishop Kenneth William Storheim charged with two counts of sexual assault on unnamed persons.
Indiana: Pastor Robert McFadden sentenced to four years in prison for sexual abuse of a 16 year-old girl.
Pennsylvania: Father Geraldo Pinero suspended after feds raid his rectory to break up his online Ponzi schemes.

This Week's Winner
Texas: Father John M. Fiala has been charged with hiring a hit man to murder the 12 year-old boy who has accused the priest of raping him at gunpoint. Police say Fiala offered $5000 to an informant to murder the child. In a separate pending lawsuit the boy contends that Fiala's diocese had attempted to cover up his accusations of molestation.

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